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I experience constipation. Any recommendations?

Our expert shares tips for relieving occasional constipation, including supplement picks, diet recommendations, and more.


There are many things that can influence regular bowel habits: hydration, how much fiber you're getting, what your nutrition is like, how much movement and exercise you get. Certain medications like narcotics, and disorders can cause constipation. Hormones can also impact intestinal motility.

Considering all of the factors, I prefer a whole-body approach when dealing with occasional constipation.

First, let's talk about stress. When under high stress, the body isn't thinking about digesting and processing foods.

Second is water intake. Hydration is huge; if you're dehydrated, there isn't enough water in your system to help move things along. Make sure you're getting adequate amounts of water each day.

Lastly is motility. Something you can try is massage. When we walk and move, our abdominal muscles help stimulate the colon and intestines. Massage can help too. I make an essential oil blend of five drops rosemary, three drops marjoram, two drops of ginger, and mix in an ounce of a carrier oil like sunflower, jojoba, or coconut oil and massage the stomach to help.

If you're looking for an herbal supplement to help relieve occasional constipation, I love Nature's Way® Senna Leaves. It's a more gentle stimulant laxative.* I also like Cascara Sagrada for a more stimulating option. Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Bark are also good options for traditional digestive support.*

Supplements and laxatives shouldn't be used long term, and I always recommend checking the product label for dosing recommendations and cautions to make sure it is appropriate for your needs.


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