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It’s a simple way to feel strong and supported every day. Fortify yourself from the inside out with quality probiotics made with researched strains to support digestive and immune health.*

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase Nature’s Way Fortify® probiotics at major supermarkets, health food stores, large retailers, and online retailers like Amazon. You'll also find them and over 300 other supplements on our website. Wherever you purchase Fortify probiotics, you can trust that you'll get the same top quality you expect from Nature's Way.

Nature’s Way Fortify probiotics are guaranteed to be potent through their expiration date. After expiration date they lose potency. Each bottle is marked with the expiration date, so you’ll always know when you have living cultures.

Nature’s Way Fortify probiotics are formulated to support digestive and immune health, with a single daily dose.* Every probiotic capsule is delayed release to allow delivery of living cultures to the intestine where they are needed. Always refer to the label for product usage recommendations, and consult a healthcare practitioner to determine if a product is right for you.

We offer Nature’s Way Fortify probiotics in several formulations with varying numbers of live cultures per capsule. Some, like the Fortify® 30 Billion Daily Probiotic or the Fortify® Optima® Adult 50+ 50 Billion Probiotic, are formulated for both adult men and women.. However, we also offer several Fortify women’s probiotics, like Fortify® Women’s 30 Billion Daily Probiotic. Fortify probiotic capsules for women provide digestive support as well as support for vaginal health.*


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