Spotlight on Women's Wellness

Women like you do it all – which means focusing on your wellness has truly never been more important.

Women like you do it all – which means focusing on your wellness has truly never been more important. Between caring for your family, climbing the ladder in your career, and everything else on your plate, it’s not always easy to take time for yourself. However, you can’t care for everyone else if you’re not feeling like your best self, so take note of these pivotal building blocks of women’s wellness and remember that self-care isn’t selfish – it’s necessary!


Women require more calcium in their diets to help build and maintain strong bones, especially as you age. If you eat a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant, you may find taking a calcium supplement helps you hit your daily goals. We like Alive!® Calcium + D3 Gummies to support healthy bones and muscles, plus immune health.* Adequate calcium and Vitamin D3 throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Stress & Movement

Chances are you’re juggling a very full plate, and those tasks and to-dos can take over your brain and increase your stress levels. Extra stress can lead to grouchiness or a short temper, lack of focus, and trouble sleeping, among other issues. If you need extra help dealing with stress, tension, and occasional anxiety, try CalmAid, a clinically studied lavender supplement you can take any time of day.* When it comes to your PM routine, follow best practice sleep tips to transition from get-it-done daytime to rest and relaxation.

A great way to reduce stress and care for your cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscle health is by working out regularly. Don’t feel like you need to spend hours sweating it out at the gym; 30 minutes a day, five days a week with a mix of cardiovascular and strength training is recommended, but if you need to work up to that and take it day by day, that’s no big deal! Find a few exercise options that feel good to you and your body, whether that’s long walks, spin classes, Pilates, or boxing. Regular exercise is necessary for heart, muscle, and bone health. Think about exercise as purposeful movement that you do for fun, not a chore.


Ah, the old monthly visitor! Keep Aunt Flo in check when she comes to town with Vitex Fruit, a traditional herb to support the monthly cycle.* If you find you’re emotional and moody before or during your period, our expert Lynn Green has some great tips to finding balance and dealing with that time of the month.


If you’re thinking of adding to your family, actively trying to get pregnant, or currently awaiting a new arrival, you already know that caring for yourself is of utmost importance. Taking a prenatal vitamin when you’re pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive is a great way to support yourself and your developing baby (or prepare yourself for potential pregnancy). Make sure your formula includes folate, a B-vitamin that’s particularly important during the first few months of pregnancy.*

Vaginal health

Taking a daily probiotic like Fortify® Women’s 30 Billion Daily Probiotic is a great way to support your vaginal health and keep things feeling balanced.* Look for formulas with Lactobacilli strains, which have been shown to support women’s health.*