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I am very emotional and easily irritated around my menstrual cycle. What can I use?

Do you feel emotional, stressed, or "off" during that time of the month? Learn how to adapt to your cycle and support your well-being.


I want to start out by saying that any and all potential hormonal imbalances should always be worked out with your primary healthcare provider, so if that's something you are worried about, make an appointment to discuss with them.

As with most things, I always want to understand the bigger picture. Look at your life during your menstrual cycle and see where you need to make changes. I often encourage patients to keep a log of how they feel and their symptoms and emotions so we can identify patterns. For instance, if you find you're feeling irritable two days before your period, maybe we'll start a relaxation supplement like L-theanine two days before that so you can get ahead of it. I also like Vitex Fruit for traditional support of women's health, including the monthly cycle.*

Maybe you find you need more mind, body, and soul connection during that time. Are there a few days during the month where you need to step back, find peace, and not have so much going on in your life and your space? Are there common irritants that can be taken away – or added – during your cycle to help ease these feelings? Evaluate what serves you well such as exercise, meditation, a light schedule and add more of that to your life. In general, I recommend changing your routine and activities to fit you during "that time of the month” — whatever that means for you!