7 Habits to Start Now to Age Better

You want to stay active, healthy, and vibrant as long as you can. These healthy habits will help you tackle the aging process with strength, inspiration, and a positive attitude.

Throw away those preconceived notions about aging. It’s 2022, and the rules of even five years ago don’t apply anymore. People are living longer and taking advantage of the many adventures life has to offer.

The key to aging vibrantly, no matter where you are on your wellness journey or how many birthdays you’ve marked, is setting a strong foundation for your health in a variety of ways. These healthy habits to start now will help you tackle the future with optimism, resilience, and excitement.

Wear sunscreen.

Not only does sunscreen help protect against UV rays that can cause skin cancer, but it also helps your skin look younger longer. Daily sunscreen use helps reduce dark spots and discoloration and can help prevent wrinkles. Make it easy on yourself by opting for a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 or more and remember to reapply your sunscreen every two hours when you’re out in the sun. (Don’t forget to keep some in the car for your hands when you’re driving!)

Set goals.

Whether you’re just entering your thirties or contemplating retirement, it’s always a great time to set goals for yourself in your personal and professional life. Maybe you want to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. Maybe you’re ready for a career change or want to hit a financial milestone. Setting regular goals both large and small keeps you motivated and focused on the potential of the future.

Find a workout routine you love – and stick to it.

Exercise is not one size fits all. Your partner may run marathons, while you prefer punching away your stress by boxing. Low-impact exercise like yoga, swimming, or Pilates may be more your speed. Whatever workout routine resonates with you, make it a habit today and keep it up for the future; exercise is key in supporting heart health, bone health, and muscle health – all things you’ll want to ensure are in place as you age.

Visit your healthcare professional for a check-up.

As you consider your health and wellness far into the future, you may want to schedule time with your healthcare professional to make sure everything’s on track. Don’t stress if you’ve missed a few yearly appointments — life happens. However, sitting down with your healthcare team and talking about how you’re feeling and how you’d like to feel can help you be more aware of what’s going on in your body, stay on top of any potential issues, and make a plan for today and tomorrow. Don’t forget the eye doctor and the dentist too – your vision and teeth are impacted by age as well.

Add a multivitamin to your wellness routine.

You probably took a vitamin as a kid, but the days of cartoon chewables are long past. Today’s multivitamins are optimized for your modern lifestyle and diet. Alive!®Multivitamins offer a variety of formulas meant to help you feel your best today and set a strong foundation for the future by supporting 10 key aspects of aging, including eye health, skin health, bone health, brain function, and muscle function.* They’re made with high-quality essential vitamins and minerals, including B-vitamins, and fruit and vegetable powder blend. Choose from high potency options, delicious fruit-flavored gummies, or a convenient liquid – it’s all about you and your lifestyle!

Focus on feeding your body.

After a certain age, the days of fast food for every meal and beer for breakfast no longer work for you. As you age, make it priority to fill your plate with lots of veggies, whole grains, protein, and calcium to fuel your body from the inside. Women in particular should make sure they’re getting enough calcium to build and maintain strong bones; if you don’t eat dairy, you can get calcium from oranges and fortified orange juice, dark leafy greens like kale, and even chia seeds. If you’re not eating the most balanced diet of all time, that’s OK! Make small healthy swaps and little by little, you’ll find joy in eating whole foods.

Reframe your view of aging.

Like we said above, aging has changed a lot in recent years. If you think of getting older as a negative, you won’t be able to enjoy everything life has to offer. If you’re stressing about the years to come – whether you’re just turning 30 or ringing in your 65th birthday – take a minute and examine why, then write down a few things that excite you about your next milestone. A positive attitude can make all the difference.