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Why would I need supplements if I eat a healthy diet?

Our expert shares her thoughts on whether or not you need to supplement a healthy diet.


In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need supplements if you follow recommended dietary guidelines. At the same time, it can be challenging to get recommended amounts of essential nutrients that you need from food alone. Teenagers and women of child-bearing age often lack sufficient iron in their diets, as they have increased needs. Nine out of 10 Americans do not meet daily intake requirements for vitamin D, a key nutrient for bone health and immune support. Nature’s Way helps bridge the gap between healthy eating and filling nutrient gaps.

Nature’s Way also offers a wide range of herbal supplements. Certain herbal supplements also have a history of use in traditional wellness practices, like Ashwagandha to help reduce stress and Ginger Root for traditional digestive support.*

Although it’s convenient for you to find the right supplement for your wellness goals, it’s still important to take it on a daily basis to get the most benefit. To incorporate supplementation into your routine, it’s best to stack onto a habit you already do regularly. For example, you probably brush your teeth every day, so you might decide to take your supplement immediately after. Keep them right next to your toothbrush. If you need to take your vitamin at a certain time of day, set a reminder on your phone and keep the bottle in the place where you normally are at that time, like the coffeemaker or on your desk. If you take your magnesium before bed, keep your magnesium right next to your bed so you have fewer barriers to taking it in the first place.


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