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What multivitamin would you recommend for a vegan?

I live a vegan lifestyle for the most part. I also avoid the sun as much as possible. When I do go out, I always wear sunscreen. Because of my lifestyle, I worry that I could be missing out on important vitamins. What multivitamin would you recommend for me?


Vegan lifestyles offer many benefits, but you are correct in thinking you might be missing out on important vitamins. I would encourage you to visit with your practitioner first regarding your concerns and to have your B vitamins and vitamin D levels tested. You will also want to discuss any age-related issues and family history before deciding on a supplement routine that works for you.

There are two supplements I would suggest: an age-appropriate multivitamin and a vitamin D supplement. I recommend vitamin D especially because you mentioned you try to avoid the sun. (Learn more about vitamin D here.) When considering a vitamin D supplement to help support bone and immune health, you'll want to think about what you classify as vegan.* Vitamin D2 is made from non-animal sources but is less bioavailable throughout the body, while vitamin D3 is not vegan because it's commonly derived from the lanolin in sheep's wool.

I would suggest you look for a complete, high potency multivitamin in capsule or tablet form ... When choosing a multivitamin, you'll want to pay close attention to the ingredients. Look for those nutrients you might not be getting enough of such as vitamin D, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and more.


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