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I'm trying to figure out how much vitamin C, D, and zinc to take before traveling and struggling to find a real answer. What is a good dosage to take of those? Are there any other supplements I should add as well?

Our expert shares her top tips about which supplements to pack before traveling and how to prioritize sleep, stress relief, and digestion while traveling.


When you’re traveling, especially via plane, you want to make sure you have adequate zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Adequate amounts depend on your age and sex, of course, so I would recommend talking to your healthcare professional before your trip for more exact dosage information.

I love our Sambucus Gummies and Organic Zinc Lozenges for this purpose — they’re easy to travel with and contain an excellent source of vitamin C and zinc, plus black elderberry extract. As for vitamin D, you can try Vitamin D3 Gummies, made with 250% of the Daily Value of vitamin D3 per serving.* Another immune support favorite I recommend for travel is Esberitox; they’re chewables made with echinacea that are easy to take on the run.*

Supplements are a great way to help support your immune health when you’re traveling, but there are other steps you should take too.* When I’m on a plane, I have a KN95 mask and a face shield on and I’m not taking them off. Frequent hand washing is important, and I also recommend making sure you’re getting enough sleep while traveling and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, as both are key for feeling your best. Time changes, lack of sleep, and exposure to other people can lead to decreased immune function.

When you pack for travel, think about where you’re going and how you’re traveling. Are you going to a city where you can get supplements or medication easily? Do you have to check luggage or are you carrying on? Are you driving? TSA will let medications through without liquid restrictions, but not supplements, so if you’re carrying on, you’ll want to pick and choose between liquid and chewable formats.

If you have space for liquids, I always love Sleep Tonight™ Melatonin Drops. They’re fast absorbing and can help you adapt to time changes if necessary. Pack a sleep mask too!

Traveling is stressful, even when it’s really “good” travel. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps your body adapt and respond to stress.* If you’re a nervous flier, you could try lavender essential oil; put some salt in a small bottle and add a few drops of lavender oil to smell or apply it to your wrists or the nape of your neck.

So many people have problems with regularity and digestion when traveling, especially around the holiday season. If you experience occasional constipation, I recommend taking magnesium.* A probiotic can help support digestion and reduce occasional gas and bloating, especially when you’re trying new foods or eating outside of your routine.* Another great idea is simply going for a walk! Movement and walking decrease the glycemic curve, make your intestines move, and promote motility.


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