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I am 67 and have started a Keto lifestyle. My question is about MCT oil. Does it make a difference between liquid or gel caps?

What are the different types of MCT oil for keto and daily use?


I'm a fan of short-term Keto diets, as I advocate for people eating more protein and good fats versus refined carbohydrates. When it comes to adding MCT Oil to your Keto diet, I prefer liquid Organic MCT Oil over gel caps because the liquid is so versatile. I make salad dressing with it — it's great as a salad dressing base! It can also be added to food, drinks like tea and coffee, or smoothies. It’s flavorless and odorless so you can hardly tell it's there while still getting the benefits.

It's also worth noting that the liquid can be more convenient to take. A serving of the softgels is three softgels twice daily, while a serving of liquid is just one tablespoon one to three times daily as needed. (I recommend starting slow with smaller doses and moving up to the maximum dose.)


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