Your Fall Wellness Starter Pack

Your favorite (slightly-better-for-you) fall essentials.

When you think about why fall is your favorite season, it’s probably for reasons like pumpkin spice lattes and the beginning of hygge — the comfy way of life where we celebrate sitting in front of fireplaces and streaming our favorite Netflix series, putting emphasis on comfort and coziness. We’re all for being settled with a thick, creamy latte, but if you indulge every day, it loses some of the charm and fun. Why not swap some of your favorite autumn essentials with healthier, more wellness-focused alternatives on occasion?  We promise they’re just as enticing. Don’t believe us? You will when you try an almond milk PSL. 


A “wellness-friendly” pumpkin spice latte  

This vegan PSL has maple syrup, pumpkin puree, and spice in place of other sweeteners or artificial flavors. Add your favorite non-dairy milk to make it a little lighter than the original. 


New yoga gear  

Do you get into a bit of a workout rut when the colder months roll around? Same! Try motivating yourself with some new gear to get your butt off the couch and out the door; find some fun autumnal colors right here.  


Impossible chili  

If you’re a fan of chili season but trying to eat less meat, this is the recipe for you. It features plant-based ground meat that’s about as close to the real thing as you can get. (Some of our team members have tried it and say you truly can’t tell the difference, so consider that an endorsement.) 


Fall cleaning  

Spring cleaning is the default, but fall cleaning is a great way to get ready for winter and all that indoor time. Try organizing the garage if you’re looking for an outdoor project, or clean out coat closets and linen closets to get ready for sweater-and-blanket season. 


Taking the time to jump in the leaves  

We know you’re not a kid anymore, but we promise you’ll feel the endorphins from partaking in this favorite activity from your childhood. Rake ‘em up and jump! (Sorry about having to do a little raking again, we swear it’s worth it.)  


Vitamin D  

We’re all seeing less sun this time of year, so it may be time to reach for a vitamin D supplement. Our Vitamin D3 Gummies come with 250% Daily Value of vitamin D3 per 2-gummy serving, so you can be sure you’re supported even if you’re seeing more grey sky than blue.  


Winter plans  

Get out of the house! You need something to look forward to that doesn’t include going from your front door to the gym and back home. What about learning to ski? Or taking a pottery class? Finally learning to play the guitar? Mastering a new skill by spring is in!  


Social media break  

We don’t mean put the phone down and take a walk around the block. We mean we’re all for going a week or two without scrolling and double-tapping on your favorite social media platforms. Want to learn more on the repercussions of spending too much time online? Scroll here instead.  


A soothing beverage ritual 

Umcka® Cold Care Day+Night Soothing Hot Drink  

It’s a favorite go-to in the seasonal wellness arsenal should you come down with a cough or sniffle and need a warm, cozy beverage. This delicious drink reduces the duration and severity of symptoms of the common cold, plus throat, nasal, and bronchial irritations. Lemon-Citrus is perfect for day and Honey-Lemon is soothing for night. 


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