Why Choose Sugar-Free Supplements

Looking to add supplements to your sugar-free lifestyle? Check out our sugar-free products for immune support, cold relief, bone support, and more.* 

The Sugar-free lifestyle isn’t part of just some fad diet. Our product line includes a few supportive sugar-free supplement selections for your cabinet if you're looking for zero-sugar options.  

Sugar-free products at Nature's Way

What sugar-free Nature’s Way products can you add to your repertoire? Here are a few suggestions that don’t skimp on flavor: 

Sambucus Sugar-Free Syrup 

This traditional elderberry immune support syrup you’ve come to love also comes in a sugar-free version.*Great tasting, and inspired by centuries of use, this Sambucus Sugar-Free Syrup is formulated with elderberry extract made from a unique, premium blend of black elderberries that are naturally high in anthocyanins.  

Umcka ColdCare Sugar-Free Syrup  

Soothing syrup without the sugar. Nature’s Way ColdCare Sugar-Free Syrup contains Pelargonium sidoides 1X which is clinically proven to shorten the duration and reduce the severity of cough, congestion, sore throat, and nasal and bronchial irritations, so when a cold comes your way you can speed recovery time, sugar-free style.  

Calcium+D3 Liquid 

This delicious, sugar-free citrus flavored liquid calcium with vitamin D3 helps you maintain strong, healthy bones.* It’s made with calcium citrate, magnesium, and vitamin D3 in a fast-absorbing liquid you can mix into smoothies, water, or take straight.   

Liquid Iron 

This great tasting sugar-free and fast absorbing liquid iron restores energy reserves and reduces signs of fatigue so you can keep moving.* Our high-quality Liquid Iron uses a glycinate form of iron that’s gentle on your system with each Tablespoon providing 100% Daily Value iron.   

‡For those deficient in iron. Less than 5% of US adults have iron-deficient anemia 


Discover sugar-free, soothing digestive relief.* DGL stands for deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract — say that five times fast! Licorice root has been used for a variety of wellness practices and purposes throughout history, including as a digestive aid.* Nature’s Way DGL contains GutGard® DGL licorice root for soothing digestive relief.* These convenient chewables support digestive relief when you need it.*  

Fortify® 30 Billion Daily Probiotic 

Looking for a sugar-free probiotic? You found it. We know sugar-free digestive support is key for your busy, well-maintained lifestyle. Fortify Daily provides 30 billion CFUs per capsule, so you get the daily gut support you need while out doing your thing.*   

Shop sugar-free vitamins and supplements

Whether you're cutting back on sugar or looking to stay sugar free, Nature's Way offers a variety of sugar-free supplements. Browse sugar-free supplements to get wellness support without any of what you don't want.


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