What is Quercetin?

Take a deep dive into this intriguing ingredient.*

When it comes to popular immune support ingredients, you’ve got the basics down: vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are all present and accounted for in your supplement cupboard, as are echinacea and black elderberry for traditional support.* You make sure you’re caring for your immune health with supplements, healthy foods, lots of time outdoors, and adequate hydration. However, if you’re always on the prowl for new ways to support your immune system, especially in the winter months, you may want to know about quercetin – an ingredient we love so much, we made it the centerpiece of our new Quercetin Gummies with Zinc!* These yummy lemon flavored gummies are an exciting new way to focus on your immune health.*

What is quercetin, anyway?

Quercetin is a flavonoid, or plant pigment. Flavonoids give plants, fruits, and vegetables their color.

How do you pronounce quercetin?

Hey, it’s a common question! Quercetin is pronounced que-set-tin.

Where is quercetin found?

In nature, quercetin can be found in lots of different fruits and vegetables. Your body doesn’t make it on its own, so you have to get it via your diet. Some of the best ways to get quercetin are via veggies like peppers, onions, and broccoli and fruits like apples and berries. You can also find it in tea and red wine.

What are the biggest benefits of quercetin?

Flavonoids don’t just give plants their bright colors; they also provide powerful antioxidant action and support. Antioxidants are most commonly known for their ability to neutralize free radicals in the body.

How does quercetin provide immune support?

Quercetin plays a unique role in immune support formulas; it lends a helping hand to make sure zinc, an essential mineral for healthy immune function, gets where it needs to go, almost like a taxi driver. Quercetin may also be found alongside antioxidant vitamin C. In the case of our Quercetin Gummies with Zinc, quercetin helps move zinc into the cells where it’s needed most.* Quercetin Gummies Plus Zinc provide dual action immune and antioxidant support to help you feel like your best self.*