Try This 7-Step Bedtime Routine for Restful Sleep

Fitness instructor and entrepreneur Rachel McClusky has her sleep routine down to a science. She shares her top nighttime tips and practices that work.

Welcome to my sleep routine.

Sleep has been a concern for me for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I occasionally struggled to fall asleep and as I got older, my mornings began earlier. I would always be nervous that I wouldn't get enough sleep to fuel my day. Being a fitness instructor, my mornings are early, and as an entrepreneur, my mind is always preoccupied with the next thing on my to do list. Every day is different, but I try to make sure my nightly routine is the same.

Over the years I have started to really protect my evening rituals. I'm in heaven if I can be in bed by 8:30pm every night, but I know that's not always possible. However, I find sleep comes more easily when I stick to my nightly routine — and I'm sharing it with you here so you can try it too.

Step 1: Wash away the day.

I like to literally and metaphorically wash my day off. I take a shower and a bath every single night. The bath helps me detach from my day and start to relax. Set the mood with a good candle, bath bomb, and an Epsom salt soak.

Step 2: Unwind with a cozy cup of tea.

I always make a cup of tea. (Caffeine-free, of course.)

Step 3: Care for your skin.

I do my skincare regimen, which is extremely calming for me. Whether it's oils, gua sha, or using a jade roller, it's a small moment of self-care.

Rachel McClusky sitting in bed wtih eye masks under her eyes.

Step 4: It's time for supplements.

I have been taking Nature's Way Calm-Aid® and Melatonin Gummies for a while now and they are the perfect combo for me. I'll take the Calm-Aid during the day; it's non-drowsy and reduces feelings of tension and stress.* Nothing says relaxation like lavender. I love Melatonin Gummies to support restful sleep and they help support my sleep quality and a healthy sleep cycle.* I take these about 30 minutes before I head to bed.

Step 5: Write it out.

I like to journal at the end of my evening. Sometimes it's creating goals for the next day, writing my to-do list, or recapping the day. Writing helps clear out any of the stagnant energy from the day and create space for the next day.

Step 6: Make time to meditate.

I meditate for a minimum of five minutes. This can be as simple as taking deep calming breaths, using a guided meditation app, or creating a mantra for myself. As an entrepreneur, my mind tends to spin thinking about all of the things I have left to do the next day, and this always helps me get grounded and re-centered.

Step 7: Lights out.

Sweet dreams!

I created this routine to help my stress surrounding sleep; steps four through six are my absolute non-negotiables every night. I end up looking forward to the routine because it brings me joy and I am more likely to get a restful night's sleep when I'm consistent. Creating a routine that I enjoy is so important and allows my mind and body to slow down before bed.

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