Transitioning From Spring to Summer

With a change of season comes a change of wellness habits and lifestyle. Discover how to transition smoothly from spring to summer.

Summer is just around the corner, and with this change of season comes warmth, vibrant nature, and a sense of adventure. To keep up, our lifestyles shift and so do our wellness routines. Let’s explore the transition from spring to summer and how to make the most of all that sun and fun. 

Summer break 

For families, summer means the end of another school year. Kids have a lot more free time and freedom once the seasons change, and it can be difficult to navigate without resorting to screens. Here are some ideas for a smooth, fun summer with the whole family.

  • Visit your community library. They often will have summer reading clubs for kids to participate in and many free events to get their brains moving this summer.
  • Frequent your local pool. To a kid, a pool and a slide can be one of the coolest things ever, and a great way to splash away a hot, humid day. Plus–no messy sand! Remember to reapply SPF frequently. 
  • Find a summer camp! Summer camps can be a great way to take up free time in the summer, while also allowing your children to socialize, make friends, and have fun.
  • Go hiking as a family at a regional park. Get some exercise in and learn about nature!
  • Get into a sport at your neighborhood recreation center. Baseball, tennis, or tee ball will be in season and can create a lot of fun for kids, encouraging them to stay active. Don’t forget to bring the snacks and coolers! 

Summer recipes 

Fresh produce changes along with the seasons too. In the spring, artichokes, asparagus, and peas are all the rage, but other produce thrives in the summertime. Summer is the largest growing season, allowing for a wide array of fruits and vegetables at your local farmers markets or grocery stores. With summer comes tomatoes, raspberries, corn, cucumbers, peaches, and much more.

Explore these healthy recipes tailored for summer:

  • Caprese Salad Kabobs are a perfect snack at a summer picnic. 
  • Try out this Elote recipe for your next BBQ, which is arguably one of the best ways to eat corn.
  • This Peach Smoothie is a great on-the-go snack or delicious breakfast.

A change in your wellness routine 

As summer arrives, your wellness regimen may shift. With longer days and more sunshine, an increase in outdoor exercise is common in the summer. Swimming, beach sports, or walks around the lake are a couple of ways to expand your fitness this summer. Make sure sunscreen is top of mind, as UV rays are at their highest during this season.

In the summer, you may want to consider switching up your supplements as well. Add a splash of our Chlorofresh® Liquid Chlorophyll to water, lemonade or smoothies for a cool, refreshing drink that also supports antioxidant pathways, detoxification processes and helps neutralize free radicals.* It supports collagen synthesis for healthy skin too, so you feel fresh for the summer.*

With a busy and active summer planned, consider adding our Vitamin B-100 Complex to your summer wellness routine to support your cellular energy, with B-vitamins converting the food you eat into the energy you need.*

As we transition to summer, it’s time to adapt our routines and embrace the vibrant season ahead. From family fun and fresh recipes to outdoor activities and skincare, let’s nourish our well-being from June to September.