Our Guide to Summer Skincare

Summer fun means extra love for your skin. Keep your skin happy and healthy this summer with these tips.

Your skin protects you year-round, and it’s especially vital to keep it healthy and protected in the warmer months. Your skin can go through a lot, with increased risks of sunburn, bug bites and sweat galore. Remember to prioritize your skincare throughout the seasons, with extra attention in the summertime.

SPF should be your BFF all year long

Keep your friends close and your SPF closer. It’s important to keep your skin protected from sun damage not just in the summer, but every single day of the year, even when it’s cloudy. It’s recommended to use sunscreen that has a SPF of 30 or higher. You know your own skin best, so if you’re prone to sunburn, level-up the SPF and make sure you have a travel-size bottle or tube on hand so you can reapply as needed. There’s nothing better than too much protection! Make sure you apply sunscreen to any area that will be touched by the sun – don't forget your hands!

How much sunscreen is enough sunscreen? Well, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), adults need around 1 ounce (a shot glass full) of sunscreen to properly cover their body. Reapply your sunscreen consistently every 2 hours, but if you’re out enjoying the sun and are going for a swim at the pool or the beach, apply more frequently to make sure you’re keeping your skin protected.

Choosing a sunscreen can be overwhelming with so many options available to us on the shelves. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is always your best bet, as it protects from both kinds of UV rays—UVB and UVA. UVB rays are responsible for those red, painful sunburns while UVA rays can cause premature aging. Wear a hat and sunglasses when possible and consider adding a rash guard or protective garment when you’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time. 

Hydration is key, especially in the summer

Water is the basis of all life and is essential for our bodies to function properly, making up around 50-70% of our body weight. According to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, an adequate daily fluid intake is, on average, 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) a day for men, and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women. While most of this comes from fluids you drink, it can also come from the foods you eat like watermelon, cucumbers, and even ice cream! Are you drinking enough water? Check out our blog post here to find out.

It’s essential to stay hydrated all 365 days of the year, but it’s especially vital to maintain hydration during the summer, not only for your skin but your entire body and well-being. Summertime brings higher temperatures and humidity, which can increase your risk of dehydration. The skin contains about 30% water, which contributes to plumpness, elasticity, and resiliency, so make sure stay hydrated and healthy this summer.

Wash your face regularly and thoroughly

Summer heat makes you sweat — there’s no getting around it. So, how often should you wash your face in the summer? The AAD recommends that you limit face washing to twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, they also recommend that you wash your face after sweating heavily—the sooner the better. Humid conditions can also make clogged pores worse, especially if you have facial products on like makeup or moisturizer.

To refresh your skin on a sweaty day, try a hydrosol or refreshing facial spritz. Bonus points if you keep it in the fridge!

Nature's Way Alive! Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies bottle

Supplements for the summertime

Nature’s Way is here for all your wellness needs. Try out these supplements to upgrade your skin’s summer wellness routine.

  • Chlorofresh® Liquid Chlorophyll - Chlorofresh liquid has chlorophyllin copper complex to support collagen synthesis for healthy skin.* Add 2 Tbsp to a glass of water or try it in fun summer drinks like lemonade, iced tea or smoothies. Find out more about chlorophyll here
  • Hydraplenish® with MSM - Upgrade your routine with Hydraplenish, made with unique BioCell Collagen® complex to support healthy, rejuvenated skin.*
  • Alive!® Premium Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies - These tasty gummies support lustrous hair, strong nails, and vibrant skin.*
  • Boericke & Tafel® Ssssting Stop® Gel – Outdoor adventures can unfortunately be paired with bug bites and contact with itchy plants. This homeopathic gel helps relieve those itchy, painful bug bites plus the itching caused by plants like poison ivy and poison oak.††

Beautify your skin inside and out with our favorite supplements

Keep your skin top of mind this summer with SPF protection, hydration, and a proper face washing routine. Consider Nature’s Way products for added support for your skin.*

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