Spring Wellness Tips

Spring is upon us! Embrace the season and let your wellness bloom.

The first day of spring has finally come, and not a moment too soon. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, the ideal time to shake off the winter blues and give in to the vibrant energy of the season. As we welcome spring and its new beginnings, let’s prioritize wellness. From establishing spring rituals and embracing mindfulness practices to savoring seasonal greens, treat this season as an opportunity for growth and vitality.

Ahead, check out some easy tips to help you thrive (or is it bloom?) this season.

Create spring rituals

Rituals help us align our lives with what’s truly important to us. They provide structure and a sense of renewal that comes with the spring season.

When you think spring rituals and routines, you probably think spring cleaning. As hard as it may be to find motivation at first, there’s nothing like a clean, fresh space to help you reset and refocus. Not only can decluttering lead to a clearer mind and help you find your calm, but it can help your physical health as well. A deep clean can fight against those pesky spring allergies, so grab the dust cloth and vacuum and get to work!

Spending more time in nature is so beneficial for feeling your best, whether it’s going on a long walk around the neighborhood a few days a week or getting together with loved ones for a picnic in the park on the weekend. Make fresh air time a priority this season; plus, the days get longer and we enjoy an extra hour of much-needed quality time with the sun.

Eat your greens!

Spring is here, so we know what that means—fresh produce! Some of the best in-season produce to look for this season are arugula, artichokes, spinach, and asparagus.

Making sure you’re getting an adequate amount of vegetables is vital for proper nutrition and to maintain your body’s health. Greens are good for you! The USDA recommends you eat 2-3 cups of vegetables a day.

Looking for some spring recipe inspiration to eat more greens and support your wellness? Treat your taste buds to this Easy Arugula Salad or say hello to spring with this creamy, lemony Asparagus Pasta.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about living in the moment and focusing on the present. As the spring season is all about a refreshed mindset and new beginnings, it’s a perfect time to practice mindfulness. Here are some ideas to get started this spring:

  • Try a 5-minute meditation session. Even short sessions can help you focus on your breathing and your surroundings. Don’t pressure yourself to be the perfect meditator right away. Give it time and practice; clearing your mind doesn’t come easily!
  • Do a yoga class outside and breathe in the fresh spring air.
  • Set intentions through a daily journal.
  • Plant some flowers or start a garden to ground yourself in nature.

Spring supplements to try

For a lot of people, spring equates to allergies. If you’re worried about allergy season, don’t fret. Try our Umcka® Allergy+Sinus Chewables, which support allergy and sinus symptom relief, including sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and sinus pressure.†† Our formula combines everything you need to feel better when allergies strike.*

Step into spring with Nature’s Way Vitamin D3 Gummies. Like little drops of sunshine in a jar, these gummies support both immune and bone health so you can thrive this season.*

Feel the vibrancy of spring with our Alive!® B-Complex Gummies, made for energy metabolism and cellular energy support.* These mango flavored gummies provide daily metabolism support to help convert the food you eat into cellular energy.* Embrace every moment of the season and feel your best doing it!


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