Self-Care Tips to Make the Holidays Less Stressful

‘Tis the season for self-care. Take care of you so you can deck the halls and ring in the new year feeling like your best self.

Hosting the family for Thanksgiving dinner, shopping for gifts, attending party after party, and spending time with the people you love … it's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Balancing work, family, and household duties with holiday fun from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve can be overwhelming, but don't let the responsibilities of the season put a damper on your sense of joy. Take time to relax, destress, and focus on yourself so you can make the most of every magical moment.

If you're facing a major to-do list and aren't sure how you'll get it all done in time for the holidays, we've got your back with tips to lessen holiday stress and find time for yourself.

Get some sleep.

A quality night of sleep makes for a better tomorrow, and a more rested, happier you. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion reports that consistently getting a full night of sleep can help you think more clearly, reduce stress, and improve your mood, remain at a healthy weight, and even reduce the risk of health problems like heart disease and diabetes. If you need help falling asleep or can't fall asleep, these easy sleep tips from our on-site nurse practitioner, Lynn, are a great place to start.

Say “no” if you need to.

It’s easy to take on too much during the holiday season: baking cookies for your child's school fundraiser, getting everything done at work so you can enjoy a few days off, decorating the house, snapping family pics, or hosting out-of-town guests … the list can seem endless, but it's OK to say no if you need to. Prioritize what's most important to reduce extra stress, or delegate tasks to others if you can to take a little off your plate.

Enjoy the outdoors.

Remember how excited you were to play outside in the snow as a kid? Channel that childhood fun as an adult and get outside, whether it's a walk around the block with your dog, sledding with your kids, or going for a hike. Take time to remind yourself of happy memories and connect with nature; studies have shown that spending time outside can help calm your senses.

Move your body.

The rush of endorphins after a workout will help you forget to be stressed. Regular exercise has been shown to boost your mood and help you sleep better, so clear your schedule and attend your favorite workout class, hit the treadmill, or simply take a walk or hike with a friend or family member when you're feeling frazzled.

Be more mindful.

It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters during the holiday craziness. If you need help shifting your mindset, keep a gratitude journal and write down one thing you're grateful for each day, meditate, or volunteer for a cause you care about. Shifting your focus from gifts and parties to caring for yourself and others will help you feel more fulfilled well past the holidays.

Care for yourself inside and out.

Self-care is about more than getting your steps in and making sure you get your eight hours of sleep. It's also about supporting your wellness from the inside. Eating a healthy diet is key, and you may want to add a few supplements to your routine to round out any nutritional gaps, support your immune health, and keep you feeling like your best self.*

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