Play Secret Santa with Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Because they already have a wine opener.

Secret Santa shopping can be stressful; who knows if that person even likes vanilla pine tree candles? We would hope better health is on everyone’s wish list. To make it even easier, we’ve organized our gummies, vitamins, and other supplements according to the different personalities you might have in your life. Whether that person’s glued to their phone or up making smoothies at the crack of dawn, we’ve got just the thing to ensure better wellness in their future.

Gym Enthusiast — Joint Movement Glucosamine®

The weights and treadmill enthusiast in your life needs healthy bones and muscle function — that’s pretty much required for working out.* Our Joint Movement Glucosamine formula is the perfect fast-absorbing liquid to throw into water or a protein shake before or after a workout.

Adventurous Cook — Organic MCT Oil

Besides being top notch brain and body fuel, MCT Oil helps satiate you and is quickly converted into energy. * We recommend this power liquid for that friend or family member who’s curious in the kitchen. Try blending it into a smoothie, mixing into your yogurt, or whisking it into a salad dressing.

Always on a Screen — Lutein Gummies

We all know that person who’s attached to their phone or iPad. We have the perfect playful nudge gift for them. Our Lutein Gummies are designed to support healthy vision, while clinically studied Lutemax® 2020, derived from marigold extract, helps eyes shield and filter blue light from the sun, LEDs, and digital devices.* If that person isn’t interested in taking a break from the screen, their eyes are still taken care of.

Baker — Organic Hemp Powder

Gift the person in your life always showing up with cookies or brownies an experimental new ingredient to bake with. Our Organic Hemp Powder is packed with 11 g of fiber and 11 g of protein per serving so they can be sure whatever they’re whipping up in the kitchen is part of a well-rounded diet. We highly suggest trying in a batch of pancakes, or alongside nuts and seeds in some protein bars.

Smoothie Lover — Coconut Oil

For your friend or loved one who knows their way around a blender. Melt it down and then add it in slow to the whirling blending ingredients for a smoothie that properly satiates long after you’ve finished. We think it’d be thoughtful to gift it with a new mug.

Coffee or Tea Fan — Beet Root Powder

Let’s spice up your friend’s coffee or tea routine by adding some Beet Root Powder. This beautiful red root powder supports antioxidant pathways and free radical scavenging activity so they can feel a little better about that extra cup.*

New Parent Alive!(R) Men’s and Women’s Gummy Multivitamins

After having a child, you want to make sure you’re running on all cylinders. Alive! Men’s and Women’s Gummy Multivitamins are packed with vitamins and minerals plus full B-vitamin complex to convert food into cellular energy and help you feel like your best self. *

College Age Nephew Clear Thinking

Support mental performance, cognitive function, and reducing stress.* Clear Thinking is the perfect gift for your university-bound nephew who’s hitting the books until late at night.

Favorite Co-Worker — CalmAid®

You’ve both needed to take a few breathers together and this is humorous reminder of that. CalmAid helps you unwind with Silexan™, a clinically studied lavender oil to reduce feelings of occasional anxiety, stress, and tension — an on-point gift for people who understand PowerPoint deadlines. *


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