Nature’s Way Employee Fall Favorites 

From watching the leaves change to sipping apple cider fresh from the orchard, here are some of the season classics our team can’t get enough of.  

It’s in our nature at Nature’s Way to love all seasons (pun intended). But no one in our office can deny that there’s just something special about fall — and some of us wish it were all year long! If you need a little help getting in the autumnal state of mind, take a page from our fall-loving coworkers and give one of their favorite fall activities a spin this season. (Oh, and don’t miss our product recs! We really know our stuff.)   




Liz — Copywriter  

Scary movies:  

I absolutely hate scary movies and by absolutely hate them I mean I truly love them. Every time spooky season rolls around, I tell myself no more Scream re-runs and then I find myself screaming (no pun intended) along with Drew Barrymore as Ghostface chases her anyway. I’ve only thrown a popcorn bowl once.  

A hot, soothing beverage:  

I abide by seasons when it comes to drink temperatures — I’m an iced devotee in the spring and summer, but when the temp changes I get excited to migrate to a hotter beverage. My favorite in the fall when I have a sniffle or sore throat is our Umcka® ColdCare Soothing Hot Drink. The lemon flavor is absolutely delicious.  

Big sweatshirts: 

There really isn’t anything better and cozier than throwing on a big sweatshirt during the weekends or after a long day. It’s a nice break from sweating through t-shirts all summer.   




Angie — Consumer Insights 

Tracking and following the changing leaves:   

I keep a close eye on the changing leaves…watching and waiting…to get that PERFECT fall view. There’s a website I check in on that shows the trees’ progression throughout fall, and where to go if you want to catch them at just the right time. This hobby has inspired trips down the Blue Ridge Highway as well as to many of the Minnesota state parks! 

Leaning into fall-harvest staples: 

Soup season anyone? Not knowing how to use my immersion blender doesn’t stop me from busting it out of its summer hibernation the second I feel a chill in the air. Pumpkin muffins, apple crisps the possibilities are endless.  

(Badly) Carving pumpkins: 

I love the seasonal merriment that pumpkin carving gives me, but after a lifetime of practice, I’m still terrible at it. Not one of my pumpkins has panned out the way I wanted it to, but I have fun doing it with friends and family and I get a ton of healthy pumpkin seeds out of it. Win-win! 




Aileen — Consumer Engagement 

A trip to the apple orchard:

We love discovering new apple orchards in the area and new apple varieties. My kids get to ride in the cow train, climb on haystacks, and jump on huge trampolines. It makes for a fun-filled fall family day! 

Revving up my cold weather routine: 

I incorporate more ginger and ginger tea in my routine as it’s warming and may have digestive benefits too. I love cozying up to my computer with a hot cup of ginger tea and inhaling the aroma before taking a sip. I also start incorporating more flavonoids and polyphenols in my routine. While I am a lifelong fan of our Sambucus Immune Gummies, I’m really digging the Sambucus Drops this year. 

Watching the leaves change colors: 

Being from a tropical country, I am so enamored by the fall colors and the leaves turning. Some of my first memories of moving to the US include taking long walks in the fall, admiring the multi-colored leaves, and listening to the leaves crunch under my feet. 




Levi — Designer 

Pumpkin spice everything: 

This is my time of year to stock up on every pumpkin-spiced thing that the store sells. It’s such a cozy and comforting flavor to me and is honestly a small moment of zen every day. 

Bonfire weather: 

I’m such a sucker for a good bonfire and gathering with friends to have a chance to all slow down and chat. I’ve always loved cooler, chill weather and a bonfire is a perfect way to get outside and still be cozy in my sweater and blankets. Plus, who can resist a perfectly roasted marshmallow? 

Minnesota Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular: 

It’s so cool to walk a trail through the zoo late at night illuminated by the thousands of jack-o-lanterns that are created for this event. As a creative person, it’s awesome to see the work of talented artists who carved these pumpkins and take in all of the themes along the path.  


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