Mastering Winter Skincare

Winter can be a challenging time for your skin, but fear not—with our support, you can keep your skin radiant and resilient.

Once the temperatures drop, a new risk emerges—one that extends beyond the hazards of slipping on ice. Winter weather can negatively affect your collagen production, leading to dry skin and lips that somehow always stay chapped, no matter how much balm you slather on. Your skincare routine may need a little help this time of year, and Nature’s Way is here to help.


Hydrate from the inside out 

This may sound obvious, but make sure you are drinking enough water. One of the best ways to fight off skin dehydration is simply through drinking water. Our Chlorofresh® Liquid Chlorophyll is a perfect addition to your full glass, as it provides antioxidant support to neutralize free radicals and supports collagen synthesis for healthy skin.*

Add Chlorofresh® Liquid Chlorophyll once daily to:

  • A glass of ice-cold water
  • Your morning smoothie
  • A fresh glass of lemonade
  • Or whatever beverages you love!

Try this lemonade recipe and add 2 tablespoons of Chlorofresh® Liquid Chlorophyll for a bright pop of green and delicious mint flavor.† (Also available unflavored.)

†Before use, see the dietary supplement product label for relevant recommendation, caution and warning statements.  Do not exceed recommended amount. 


Invest in a humidifier

With moisture being sucked out of the air in the winter, your skin will face the consequences. Adding a humidifier to your room will add moisture to the air and protect your skin from excess dryness. Keep the humidity in your home between 30% to 50%, a level that should be sufficient to help replenish moisture in the top layer of your skin.


Vitamin C is key

Vitamin C does a lot for our bodies, including its role in the maintenance of our collagen network—and supporting increased collagen production.*

An easy addition to not only your skincare routine, but your wellness routine, are our Vitamin C Gummies.* These gummies provide more than 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin C per gummy to support collagen synthesis for healthy skin.*


Wear your sunscreen!

Sunscreen isn’t limited to summertime. Although UV rays are reduced in the winter, you shouldn’t be going outside without sunscreen on any exposed skin. UV irradiation harms our skin and damages collagen production, even when it’s cold and cloudy.

Apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30, ensuring that you are taking care of your skin during winter weather. For added ease to your skincare routine, find a moisturizer that incorporates SPF into its formula.


Your skin will feel Alive! with these gummies*

Keep your skin vibrant this winter with the help of one of our favorite Alive! products.* Alive! Premium Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies supports lustrous hair, healthy skin, and strong nails.* Each 2-gummy serving has 300 mg of collagen along with 135 mg vitamin C and 2,500 mcg biotin to support healthy skin, so winter has got nothing on you!* Take 2 gummies every day this season.*


Taking care of your skin during winter is essential for combating inevitable dryness and maintaining skin health. Follow these tips and utilize Nature’s Way products to help your skin look and feel its best throughout the winter months.*


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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