Ingredient Spotlight: Going Green with Chlorophyll

What’s the story behind liquid chlorophyll, and what does this plant-powered ingredient mean for your wellness?

Much like collagen, magnesium, and vitamin D before it, chlorophyll is having a moment in the supplement spotlight – liquid chlorophyll, to be exact. The green liquid has become super popular with everyone from celebrities to social media influencers, but what exactly is liquid chlorophyll and should you be adding it to your water each day? Let’s discuss!

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment that gives plants and algae their color and helps them get the nutrients and energy they require during photosynthesis.

What is liquid chlorophyll?

In general, when you read “liquid chlorophyll” on a label, it’s actually chlorophyllin, which is a water-soluble derivative of chlorophyll.

Nature’s Way Chlorofresh® is a liquid chlorophyllin complex derived from premium digested white mulberry leaves.

What does chlorophyll do in the body?

While claims for chlorophyll may vary, Nature’s Way Chlorofresh products with chlorophyllin copper complex are primarily used as an internal deodorant to keep you feeling fresh.* The liquid also supports antioxidant pathways and detoxification processes and helps neutralize free radicals.*

I’ve read that chlorophyll is good for skin. Is that true?

Liquid chlorophyllin does have beauty benefits.* The chlorophyllin copper complex in Chlorofresh supports collagen synthesis for healthy skin.*

A hand holding up a bottle of Nature's Way Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorphyll with plants in the background.

How can I take liquid chlorophyll?

It’s up to you! You can take liquid Chlorofresh at full strength or add 1 to 2 tablespoons to 4 oz. of ice water, tea, lemonade, or smoothies. We offer both mint and unflavored varieties so you can enjoy the benefits your way.

Do I have to take a liquid or does it come in other forms?

You’ve got options. If you’re interested in adding a chlorophyll product to your wellness routine, you can enjoy Chlorofresh either in liquid or in convenient softgels made with 100 mg chlorophyllin per serving.

Do I have to take chlorophyll each day?

We recommend taking Chlorofresh liquid chlorophyll each day to get the benefits of this bright green nutrient.

Can I also get chlorophyll from food?

You can. Dark leafy greens and other veggies are the best place to add more chlorophyll to your diet. Load up your shopping cart with spinach, kale, collard greens, alfalfa, and herbs like parsley, cilantro, and dill.