How to Navigate Early Sunsets

Having trouble adjusting to the sun setting earlier and earlier? You’re not alone. Here’s how to not only get by during Daylight Savings Time, but possibly even thrive.

Do earlier sunsets during Daylight Savings Time catch you by surprise as soon as late fall rolls around? Why not make the most out of it? These tips and tricks can make transitioning into this part of the year a little easier — not to mention brighter. ☀️ 


Lunchtime walks 

It’s hard to get a jog in when it’s dark out after work. Instead, take your lunch outside over the noon hour and soak in all the vitamin D you can. Bundle up and enjoy a walk around the neighborhood or explore an entirely new route near your office. Get your coworkers involved too, or see if you can take a meeting on foot to get your steps in during the day. 


No really, embrace hygge 

There’s something to be said about the lifestyle dedicated to winter coziness invented by a group of people who experience more dark than most of us.  Hygge’s about incorporating feelings of contentment and well-being through simple pleasures and everyday experiences. We’re celebrating it by splurging on fuzzy socks, good books, and new bakeware.   


Make a dedicated phone call hour 

Turn sundown into the time you call a friend, relative, or loved one to catch up. Chances are, if you’re having a harder time with earlier sunsets, so are they. Picking up the phone is a great way to lift your spirits and connect on a deeper level than a quick text.   


Buy a new plant 

Inspired by nature? So are we. Taking care of all things green indoors is a good way to relieve stress and focus your energy on new forms of vibrant life until you see green outside again. Sounds like a good time to buy or decorate a new pot, too!  


Start a journal  

Remember to check in with yourself emotionally a few times a week or try getting ahead of setting goals for the new year. What are your priorities, personally or professionally, for 2024? Getting a few thoughts down on paper will leave you feeling productive, satisfied, and ready for what’s on the horizon.  


Eat your fruits and veggies 

Stay nourished! Eating foods packed with carbs and sugar will have you feelin’ like a couch potato in no time — yes, they feel comfy and cozy, but super heavy meals aren’t always a healthy way to navigate the darker parts of winter. Stick to nutrient-rich foods like kale, spinach, and broccoli, and in-season winter fruits like apples for a quick boost of energy. (With the occasional splurge, of course.) 


Book a vacation 

Set your sights on visiting somewhere new mid-winter! Giving yourself something to look forward to, like a vacation, puts something positive between you and spring’s arrival that makes getting out of bed — and seeing the sun go down around 5:00 — a little easier. Get out that passport or book an in-state staycation!  


Find your calm 

Earlier sunsets still getting to you? Try finding some inner peace with CalmAid®. It’s made with Silexan™, a clinically studied lavender oil to reduce feelings of occasional anxiety, tension, and stress.* We always have it in our back pocket for winter – and all year round!  


Cultivate positivity  

There’s really no use in having a poor mindset about earlier sunsets; it’ll only make the winter longer. Consider the beginning of winter just that — a new beginning. Decide you’re in it for the long haul and dare to put a smile on your face through spring.  


 * This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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