How to Help Kids Through Gloomy Fall Days

Does your little one have a tougher time navigating a cloudier, colder season? They’re not alone. Here’s how to help.

You’re not the only one who experiences a shift when seasons change from sunny beaches and shorts to clouds, snowdrifts, and bulky coats. Help your kids through the darker season after Daylight Savings Time with these suggestions.  


Talk about seasonal changes 

They might not understand why days get darker faster and why their mood may shift with the weather. Spend time discussing seasonal changes and why they’re important for nature and for people, and then end with all the positives this change can bring — it’s almost time for super cool snow forts and cookie baking!  


Spend time outdoors  

Get out of the house! It’s the end of one season’s outdoor activities, but the beginning of another’s and you’ll want to take advantage of the sun whenever it’s out. Enjoy an outdoor scavenger hunt or visit a pizza farm all bundled up.   


Make indoor time more interactive 

Sitting inside on your screens throughout the fall and winter is no way to spend the day — and you don’t have to! Lean towards high energy indoor activities, like turning on music for a dance party or visiting an indoor trampoline park. It’ll keep them active and energized on the dullest days. 


Maintain a schedule  

Whenever possible, stick to the script. Keeping your routine as much as possible with daily activities like what time dinner is served and when bedtime is helps kids adapt the newer parts of their day, like seeing less sun and adjusting their circadian rhythms accordingly. An easier time for kids helps the whole family settle into a new groove.  


Make a mood boost jar 

Fill up a jar with different areas of gratitude: calls from grandpa, homemade hot cocoa, their favorite video game, and draw from it daily. Reminding your family about what they’re grateful for will help keep everybody centered during colder, darker days.  


Vitamin D assistance 

Not getting as much sunlight? That’s normal for most of us during the winter season. Check in with your family doctor to see if supplementation may be necessary. Nature’s Way Vitamin D3 Gummies are like delicious little drops of sunshine for the whole family (ages 4+). They’re great when you’re experiencing more days with grey than blue and they support both immune and bone health.* Learn more about Vitamin D here.


As always, if you’re concerned about your child’s health, please contact your doctor.  


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.