How to Cultivate Coziness

There’s no resisting the urge to get comfy so embrace the hygge mindset for the ultimate sense of coziness.

The Danish call it “hygge.” In Germany, they say “gemütlichkeit,” and the Dutch prefer “gezelligheid.” In English, we call it “cozy.” Regardless of how you choose to express it, there's something about cool weather that makes you want to curl up with your warmest, softest blanket, sip on a warm beverage, and light some candles. Even if you live in a warmer climate, there's no resisting the urge to get comfy.

But homebody or not, cultivating coziness is also good for the soul. Feeling safe, secure, and present are parts of the hygge mindset. Sounds great, right? Here are favorite ways to bring on the cozy that our minds and bodies need.

Embrace happy memories. Keep framed photos of loved ones where you'll see them often to remind you that family gatherings are on the horizon. Seeing a favorite family pic or candid snapshot from a happy occasion will make you smile every day.

Create rituals you love. One of the drawbacks of winter is that it gets dark much earlier than normal, making you feel like the day is over at 4:30 PM. Creating rituals that you look forward to each day or weekend is a simple way to fight winter fatigue. Whether it's a hot bath, a weekly family movie night, or a sweaty, rejuvenating cycle class, make it a part of your regular schedule.

Embrace the loungewear trend. Nothing says comfortable more than your favorite pair of leggings, a cotton sweatshirt, and warm knit socks. The best part is there's no shortage of cute, affordable loungewear out there.

Set the mood. Fluorescent lights and bright computer screens are not hygge-approved! It's all about setting the mood with lighting; think dim, warm tones. So put away the devices, turn down the lights, and light a few candles — or the fireplace if you've got one. (Tip: Christmas tree lights work great to create an enchanting vibe.)

Make some soup! Is there anything better on a chilly evening than a hot bowl of nutritious, delicious soup? Stir up a pot once a week; it’s a great way to get more veggies (hello, carrots, kale, celery, and more!), soothe a cold, and help you feel restored. Now is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes.

Sip on support. You can't enjoy the wonders of winter when you're under the weather! Try Nature's Way Sambucus® Hot Drink, made with black elderberry extract, vitamin C, and echinacea, to support your immune health.* It's a simple and delicious way to feel your best each day. Just mix a packet of the honey lemon-berry flavored powder with a cup of hot water and enjoy.

If you're feeling sick, try Umcka® ColdCare Day+Night Soothing Hot Drink, which is clinically proven to shorten the duration and reduce the severity of cold symptoms including nasal and bronchial irritations, congestion, sore throat, and cough. No matter which you choose, it's like seasonal comfort in a cup.

Think about what happiness really means to you. Is it regular connection with friends and family? Is it baking cookies with your kids, or snuggling with your pet and a good book? Maybe it’s as simple as your favorite latte! Keep a list of the things that bring you the most comfort and joy. Practicing gratitude and finding happiness can increase your well-being.