Hitting The Restart Button in Spring

To its credit, Spring does feel like the exact right time to try some new lifestyle habits.

We get that completely turning your life around during spring cleaning season can be pretty daunting and also completely unrealistic. But if you’re in the mood to add a few new for-the-best habits into your life during this period of regrowth, we’ve got a few suggestions for getting you to a better place physically and mentally.


Try a new sleep schedule

Yawning all the time? Start with going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual for a few weeks. Once you’ve adapted to that, consider adding another 15 minutes and really getting that rest your body needs. Try it on the other side, too — aim for getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier. We know you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re getting out the door with plenty of time to spare or when you have extra time to relax with your morning coffee.


A little less screen time, perhaps?

Most of us spend all day staring at our computers, and then come home and stare at our phones or a television. Try cutting it down by even just a half hour, and maybe make this the season you invest in some blue light glasses to help protect your eyes.


Add in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are made with 500 mg organic apple cider vinegar per 2-gummy serving, so you’re starting your season with apple cider vinegar’s buzzy acidic properties — a timeless tradition for a reason.


Eat breakfast every morning

We too are guilty of walking out the door without something in our gut to keep us satiated and operating at our best. Spend an hour on Sunday making some homemade granola to add to Greek yogurt, honey, and fruit throughout the week. Keep fresh fruit at the ready or prep some breakfast burritos to heat up and enjoy even in a rush.


Make your bed

We know, we know — this sounds like your mother calling. But making your bed every morning is going to make your life feel that much more put together and takes your bedroom from feeling completely undone to tidy, almost like a visual exhale. We’d stand to argue it’s the biggest difference-maker in your whole home, and nothing feels better than getting into a neat and tidy bed at the end of the day.


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