Getting Tryout Ready with Nature’s Way

If back to school season means back to extracurriculars season for your family, here are a few trusted products to keep handy.

It’s time to rally! The end of the summer is here and your kids are back in jerseys and polishing their flutes for tryout season. Whether you're ready to go with seasonal necessities or not, you can rest assured we have our best products at hand for you and the family, so you can cheer from the stands knowing that they’re having their best tryout season yet. Take a deep breath – they've got this. 

Vitamin D3 Gummies 

Support those bones!* Vitamin D3, the active and preferred form of vitamin D, is a key player in supporting proper bone health (and immune function, for a seasonal bonus!*) Your kids will love the taste of our vitamin D3 gummies; you’ll love their convenience at home or on the go. Perfect-game-weather sunshine in a jar, these mixed fruit flavored gummies are formulated with 250% of the Daily Value of vitamin D3 per 2 gummies. They’re a small, flavorful way to care for yourself and your family, ages 4+, each day.* (They say hey from the top of the cheerleading pyramid.) 

Kids Cool Calm & Collected  

If your child needs help finding their inner calm, this specially formulated gummy can help them settle down without losing their sparkle.* Nature’s Way Cool, Calm & Collected is crafted with a unique blend of vitamin B6, lemon balm, passionflower, magnesium, and L-Theanine to help kids ages 8+ keep their cool at cheer tryouts, band practice, and everything in between.*  

Alive!® Kids Chewable Multivitamin 

Your kids need balanced nutrition to grow and develop — in the classroom, on the football field, and onstage. Alive! Children’s Chewable Multivitamins will help them reach their wellness goals with essential vitamins and minerals, plus the food-based Orchard Fruits™ & Garden Veggies™ powder blend. Vitamin C helps support skin, immune, and eye health to keep their focus on the finish line, while vitamin D3 supports bones, teeth, and immune health.* Last but not least, the full B-vitamin complex helps convert food into cellular energy, so your child can thrive in and out of their cleats and costumes.*  


Something for the parents, too! No more pacing on the sidelines. Our CalmAid is just what you need for your child’s tryout season — a supplement made with clinically studied non-drowsy lavender oil. With ongoing use, CalmAid helps tame down feelings of temporary stress and occasional anxiety, so you can be in the front row cool as a cucumber while they’re making the cut.*  

Have a happy and healthy tryouts season! Go team!