Fall Equinox Rituals to Welcome the Season

Autumn is a season of change. Follow the example of nature and enact some magic of your own, both inside and out.

There's something magical about fall. Even if you live somewhere with a steady “70 and sunny” forecast all year round, you can feel the shift in the air when summer winds down into the crisp of autumn and the days and nights are in equal balance.

Autumn is about more than swapping out your wardrobe and going to the apple orchard or the pumpkin patch. It's a season about expressing gratitude for the harvest and the opportunity it brings. The quiet of winter is on the horizon, so take advantage of the shifting nature of fall and welcome the season with rituals that will help you look inward and check in with yourself, as well as some that make you stop, look around, and breathe in the sheer beauty that surrounds you.

Ground yourself. Are you feeling disconnected from your true self and the world around you? Stressful workdays, family commitments, and scrolling social media contribute to the constant feelings of “go, go, go.” Try an “earthing” ritual to get in touch with yourself and nature. Go outside, whether it's in your yard, at the park, or on a camping trip, and take off your shoes and socks. Stand on the ground in your bare feet so you can really connect with the earth below you. Stay like this for a few moments and breathe deeply or make it a daily habit and walk barefoot for a few minutes simply to remember your place on the planet.

Reflect on the past and set intentions for your future. What have you done recently and what do you hope to accomplish this season? Is there a goal you want to achieve? Reflect on your past so you can prepare for your future. Would you like to spend more time with your family, start a new healthy habit, or simply enjoy more quiet moments for self-reflection? Set those intentions, whatever they may be, and revisit them throughout the season to keep you on your path.

Do some cleansing. We're not just talking in your house, though a good scrubbing, organizing, and cleaning session never hurt anyone. We're referring to your life. What's not working for you? Rid yourself of things that don't serve you, like negative self-talk or unnecessary stress. Maybe it's more physical and that stash of unopened mail in the corner is constantly staring you down. Make a list of the things you'd like to leave behind this season and figure out how you can best make it happen. Just like the trees lose their leaves in fall, you can stop what doesn't serve you and move into a more positive phase.

Side note: If you keep crystals on hand for their healing energy, give them a good cleanse during the full moon.

Open the windows. Turn off the air conditioner and let the breeze in. Keep your windows open whenever possible to air out your home and keep fresh air circulating. Fresh air can boost your mood and energy, as well as reset your focus when you're having trouble concentrating.

Add seasonal foods to your plate. There are so many wonderful foods in season during the fall, from apples and pumpkins to squash, bell peppers, and corn. Visit your local farmers market and stock up on in-season produce, then host a diving dinner party. Create a seasonal centerpiece of fresh fruits and vegetables. Feast on baked apples and root vegetable soups. Then, go around a circle and share opening about what you are most grateful for.