Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love Throughout the Day

We’re very in favor of loving and inspiring yourself seven days a week.

The trees are budding, the snow’s almost melted, the sun’s started to feel a little warmer on your skin. It’s time to come out of your winter hibernation and show yourself some spring love. Here are five easy ways to add further brightness to your days this season.  

Go for a walk

It does sound simple, and you’ve heard it before, but stepping outside for some fresh air might just be the best part of your day. Leave devices at home and take the time to notice nature around you, or take a break from work and relax with a podcast. Need a change of scenery? Take a different path and see what that brings to your day.

 Short meditations

Take a couple five-minute periods during your day to just sit and breathe. Find a room that brings you comfort and sit on the floor, on a pillow, on a chair, wherever brings you some ease. Deep breath in, deep breath out, repeat. If your mind starts to wander, great, just gently guide yourself back to breath and focus.

Get creative in the kitchen

What are some different ways you could use spinach? How about sneaking it into a smoothie or some scrambled eggs for extra protein? Maybe it’s time to riff from that new cookbook. How about making a couple different pastas this spring and seeing which one you like best? Give yourself the gift of just playing around without trying to be strict about what the end product should be. Try to infuse some vibrant flavors or in-season produce into your new routine.

Set a warm beverage ritual before bedtime

A cup of tea or even just some hot water with lemon and honey in your favorite mug works. Turn on some cozy lighting, put on some warm socks, and just sit with yourself in silence or with instrumental music. Sometimes we forget there are parts of our day we can dedicate to just sitting quietly with something comforting between our hands.

Buy yourself a new lotion or candle

There are always little ways to self-care yourself that feel luxurious as well. Filling your home with the smell of eucalyptus or lavender is the gateway to an entirely different mood, and cheery citrus makes every day feel like spring. Fire up some different brain cells with a new scented lotion or bubble bath and drift away. Ahhhh … much better.