Better Ingredients, Better Gummies: Inside the New Nature’s Way Gummy Facility

We built a new facility to make the best gummy vitamins and supplements possible. Take a peek behind the scenes for all the sweet details.

Over the past few years, gummy supplements have exploded in popularity for consumers of all ages. It's no surprise – they're a delicious alternative to traditional capsules and tablets. But with the rise of gummies came the desire for Nature’s Way to rethink how they're made. It only made sense that we bring the manufacturing of our gummies closer to home with our new state-of-the-art gummy facility. This way, you can feel good knowing you're getting the gummies you love backed by the quality, safety, and trust you've come to expect from us.

A person in a lab coat filling a clear bottle with gummy vitamins.

“We didn't want to make gummies like [other brands]. We wanted to make them better,” said Adam Lee, Site Director for the new facility. “We're making great, consumable, safe, and delicious products,” Adam shared.

You may not realize this but trying to take your favorite vitamins and supplements and put them into a gummy format can be difficult. A lot of work goes into finding ways to get ingredients into gummy form that were once thought of as impossible without unnecessary additives. The new factory allows our development teams more space to use their expertise to craft gummies with the best possible ingredients that not only taste great but work too. “We did a lot of formulation work and consumer studies, made flavors better, and improved texture – all to make the consumer experience awesome,” Adam commented.

The building, near our HQ in Green Bay, Wisconsin, houses the primary production for all Nature's Way gummies. Most notable are our Sambucus Gummies, the new Nature's Way KiDS line, and Alive! Multivitamins gummies like Hair, Skin and Nails as well as Teen Gummies for Him and Her. Our experts get to control the entire process, never settling for anything less than the highest quality. Each Nature's Way gummy is consciously crafted and meticulously tested to ensure we're bringing you the best, so you don't have to choose between what's delicious and what's good for you.

Gummies being sorted in the Nature's Way gummy factory.


We know gummies are a great way to get the vitamins and minerals you need. Now, we’re able to produce higher quantities of the gummies you love most while continuing to innovate and create new gummy-based supplements for your whole family.

And yes, if you're wondering, the job does come with some delicious benefits. “Our production staff takes pride in the quality of our products,” Adam said. “They also enjoy the side benefits of tasting gummies during routine quality checks.” Anywhere between 1.2 to 3.6 million gummies are produced in the factory per day – how sweet is that?

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