9 Ways to Shift Your Energy Throughout the Day

Don’t let a bad mood bring you down. These simple rituals can help you bust out of those bad feelings and bring back the balance.

No one feels upbeat and positive 24/7. Mood fluctuations are normal and unavoidable but being stuck in a bad mood all day isn’t much fun. When you’re stuck in a funk and can’t get out of a swirl of negativity or unsettled feelings, these simple rituals can help you shift your energy and feel more positive, grounded, and balanced.

Upgrade your space.

If you’re in the office and need to shift your energy ASAP, try moving around the workspace. Go sit near a window, walk to a nearby coffee shop or find a different spot in your office or building to work from for a bit. If you’re at home, open the windows to get fresh air circulating, hang inspiring art where you’ll see it, or toss in elements of bright color or zen neutrals to help you refocus.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Experiencing something new – even something small – can change your perspective in a snap. Listen to a new podcast, sign up for a new workout class or try a YouTube video, grab coffee with a coworker or neighbor you don’t know well. Getting out of your comfort zone gives your brain something else to focus on and can open up your world in new ways.

Have a drink – of water!

Sometimes a funk of bad energy is just because you’re dehydrated. Snap out of it with a cold glass of water. (We like to spruce it up with a splash of minty fresh Chlorofresh liquid chlorophyll.)

Write it out.

If you can’t get rid of those negative feelings, let them out on paper. Sit down for five minutes and scribble out everything that’s on your mind to release those emotions. If you don’t have time to journal, make a quick list of things that are bringing you down and revisit it when you have more time to consider how you can make changes to your day so you don’t encounter those roadblocks.

Get moving.

You don’t have to run a marathon or go through an entire yoga flow. Even two minutes of dancing to an upbeat song in your living room can release those all-important happy-making endorphins. A quick walk, run around the neighborhood, some jumping jacks, or some deep stretching can move that stuck energy around and boost your mood.

Turn up the music.

It’s time to turn on the cheesiest dance pop you can find or the most moving and uplifting classical. Music is one of the easiest ways to change your mood, so whether you’re a country fan, into the oldies, or love rap, turn up the music that speaks to you when you’re feeling low. That’s what favorite songs are for!

Go outside.

Even if you’re in the middle of a busy city, simply leaving the space that’s bringing you down and getting outdoors for some fresh air can be so beneficial for your mood and mindset. There are so many reasons why spending time outdoors is good for your wellbeing, so sit in your backyard, take the dog for a walk, or stroll around a city park when you need to shake off negative energy.

Create your own mini ritual.

Maybe simply lighting a candle or incense helps you snap out of a funk. Maybe it’s a smoothie packed with greens and invigorating ginger. Perhaps you’re more into a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation, spraying on perfume or essential oil, or changing your clothes. Find a quick ritual that shifts your mindset and implement it each time you feel like you’re in a swirl. Your brain will come to associate it with a positive outlook.

Try a supplement.

If you’re looking for more help navigating a less-than-rosy outlook, try Mood Lift Gummies, made with clinically studied affron® saffron to promote a positive mood and support emotional balance.* For an herbal option, try St. John’s Wort, which has traditionally been used for mood support.*