6 Ways to Make Self-Care for Kids Fun

Start them early on the path to wellness with healthy habits and rituals they’ll love.

The phrase “self-care” probably conjures up images of spa visits and bubble baths, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this pivotal practice. Self-care is about more than just treating yourself — it’s about investing time into the things that bring you peace, calm, and restoration, and making every effort to care for yourself inside and out.

Self-care isn’t exclusive to adults, either. While you may fix your child’s meals and make sure they get enough veggies, keep them on a regular sleep schedule, and give them their daily multivitamin or immune support supplements, they can get started on the path to a healthy life with a self-care routine of their own too. These self-care activities for kids will help your little wonders learn how important it is to prioritize their wellness.

Make a plan.

It’s important to let your child lead the way when it comes to their wellness routine and self-care activities — within reason, of course. Sit down together and talk about their favorite ways to take care of themselves; they may have ideas and suggestions you hadn’t thought of. If they’re actively involved in their health journey, they’ll be more excited about actually practicing it.

Set a good example.

Your child watches you to learn how to navigate the world and respond to different situations; chances are they’re watching how you take care of yourself, from your AM supplement routine to how you deal with stress. Set a good example for your children and work on your wellness together, whether that’s having them help prep dinner, going for a nightly walk as a family, or pursuing a hobby or sport you both enjoy.

Be open to trying new things.

Your child’s self-care routine may not mirror your own, and that’s the fun part! Yoga is your go-to exercise, but they’re more interested in mountain biking. They may turn up their nose at the greens you love but devour others. They may find fulfillment and inspiration in hobbies you have no talent in, like painting or guitar. Letting your child pursue the things that bring them joy is a great way to show them that self-care is different for everyone and can be practiced in many ways.

Play with them.

Laughter has a plethora of wellness benefits, including stress relief, a better mood, and even immune support. You and your child will both benefit from quality time together, whether that’s playing with dolls, making forts, going golfing, or dressing up. Don’t get too caught up in what you think you need to do; let loose and play together!

Set consistent bedtimes.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of whole body wellness, making a good night’s sleep the ultimate self-care activity. If your kids aren’t getting the quality sleep they need, everything from their mood to their schoolwork can suffer. Set consistent bedtimes for your children and encourage them to find a ritual that helps them calm down and get ready for sleep, like stretching, reading quietly, or kid-friendly guided meditation.

Make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need.

Eating nutritious, healthy food is vital to any self-care routine; the majority of your child’s diet should be veggies and fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy — all essential to building a strong foundation for wellness. Get them involved in meal planning to make dinner less of a battle, whether that’s helping decide on the week’s menu, preparing food together, or letting them get their greens via smoothies instead of salads. You could be igniting a passion for healthy eating and cooking! Try different cuisines via takeout, local restaurants, or the comfort of your own kitchen to expand their horizons and expose them to new flavors and recipes. And, of course, make time to treat yourselves — literally — to their favorite sweet treats and snacks.