6 Simple, Attainable Wellness Goals to Set for Early Spring

Small changes make a big impact. Connect with a new you this season.

Springtime can feel like New Year’s Part Two: looming with pressure to completely and wholly get your life clean and organized. That feels tiring and just plain undoable. What about something more achievable, like a few new wellness goals that are simple to implement into your daily routine?

Eat more plants

This sounds much more overwhelming than it is. Sautee a bunch of kale or swiss-chard with garlic, salt, and pepper to go with your eggs in the morning. It’s an easy, feel-good, and delicious side. Or add a healthy handful of spinach to your smoothies — it really is undetectable, flavor-wise.

Buy yourself a new plant

Make a Saturday morning out of it. Head to your local greenhouse and peruse the aisles for one that feels like it would add some dimension and life to your home and new year. Teach yourself how to properly care for it; learn how to nurture, grow, and eventually re-pot it. Maybe reward yourself with a second plant and keep the garden growing!

Drink more water, dangit!  

Hydration is important for so many things! If you set a goal for starting and ending your day with 32 oz. of water, plus a glass with lunch, you’ll find yourself with lubricated and cushioned joints, and protected sensitive tissues.*

Spend time in nature (and actually pay attention to what’s around you)

Go for a walk, but put the podcast away and stay in tune with what’s going on around you in nature: how the air smells, the way birds and ducks and other animals respond to one another, the beauty that is a plant or a flower. Stay as present as possible for as long as you can, and if you catch yourself drifting off into work problems or what you’re going to have for dinner, notice it and bring yourself back.

Journal through your thoughts

You hear suggestions to journal all the time, and maybe your eyes glaze over, or it goes in one ear and out the other. We stand by it to digest any thoughts that you’re having a hard time processing or lingering feelings to work through. Treat yourself to a luxe leather journal or one with a fun print or pattern if that makes you more likely to use it.

Start taking a new vitamin

What better time to incorporate a new feel-good supplement into your daily routine than at the start nature’s feel-good season? Alive! ® Premium Women’s Gummy Multivitamin is like self-care in a bottle and the perfect starting point for initiating a better foundation for your health.* A daily dose supports heart health, skin health, immune health, and bone health.*


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