5 Wellness Tips for Everyday Athletes

Even if you’re not running marathons or winning Wimbledon, you can treat your body like an athlete does to support optimal performance and recovery.

If you’re someone who is regularly working out, you don’t need to be a professional running back or a Wimbledon champion to treat yourself the way an athlete does. Thoughtlessly hitting the gym or jogging some laps here and there without a gameplan is still getting exercise, but in order to really get somewhere with your health, body, and mind, we’re recommending a few suggestions worth following to stay in gold-winning shape across the board. The reward? Maintaining yourself a consistently healthier lifestyle.

Think Quality over Quantity

How often you workout doesn’t really matter if the quality isn’t there. Remembering to make sure your form is intact while breathing with intention, rather than rushing through movements, is a wonderful way to preserve your muscles and ligaments (and save you time!) Focusing intently on your reps and putting full concentration into the movement of your body can help you get the maximum results from your workout.

Push Yourself Too!

Within reason, obviously, but not challenging yourself on your barbell reps, flexibility, or speed will leave you with less athletic progress — fine, but we know if you’re a Nature’s Way fan you’re always looking to better yourself. Think one more squat, a half an inch further reaching down to your toes, picking your feet up just a little faster on that sprint. You can do it.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

It’s a no-brainer, but easy to forget when you’re in the moment. According to Mayo Clinic men should be drinking 3 liters of fluids on any given day, and women 2.2 liters, but we recommend upping it if you’re regularly hitting the gym or a hot yoga class.

Eat Real, Whole Foods

A good reminder? Sticking to whole foods as often as you can, like leafy greens, lean protein, whole grain carbs, nuts, berries and other fruits. It’ll give you the natural energy your body needs to get through any sort of extensive workout. We personally find consuming more calories when you’re benching or beating that mile time quite useful.

Always Schedule a Rest Day

Listen to your body! If you’ve been running routine half marathons or pumping iron daily, make sure to take a day or two to yourself so your muscles can rest and recuperate. In addition, consider adding Nature’s Way Turmeric capsules to your vitamin routine; a premium extract to help support joint health.*

A few extra workout and wellness-focused products to know:

Vitamin B12 — Helps you turn the healthy foods you’re eating into fuel.* Simple as that.

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CoQ10 — Supports cardiovascular health.*

Magnesium — Supports muscle function*

 * This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.