5 Small Ways to Add Wellness to Your Week

A wellness pro shares her best simple wellness tips to care for yourself each day.

“My entire business is focused around women,” says wellness entrepreneur Rachel McClusky. “Women are so resilient and we do it all. It’s important to pour back into ourselves the way we pour out.”

She has a point. Over the past few years, it’s become even more evident how much women give the world – but many women don’t have adequate time and space to care for themselves the way they care for others. Rachel understands firsthand how busy life can be and how, if you can’t find the time for self-care, you may find yourself feeling less than positive.

“My definition of wellness is taking care of your whole self: mind, body, and spirit,” she says. “It sounds cheesy, but I think of it as moving your body, taking time to be completely alone and recharge, to be around people who lift you up, and to do anything that feeds your whole self.”

For Rachel, personal wellness means moving and fueling her body, meditating, and caring for her mind and mental health. “Prioritizing that gives me the opportunity to show up as my best self and function at my highest level,” she shares.

Rachel McClusky smiling and stretching her arms above her with her long, brown hair loose around her shoulders.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to get done in a day and don’t think you can sneak in a moment for you, you’re not alone! Rachel recommends thinking about your day and flagging where you have the most consistent time available just for yourself, then using that time to focus on you. “Make it a priority for a week and it’s going to feel more consistent,” she says. “Make it a non-negotiable. Tell people you’re going to do it, write on a sticky note and put it on the mirror.” The more you commit to caring for yourself, the easier it becomes to make those rituals and practices a routine. And remember, even ten minutes counts!

Rachel is a “big fan” of incorporating small changes and goals into your daily life until they become habits. She shared her top five ways to add a little dose of whole-body wellness to your week.

  1. Short meditations. Rachel advises starting with just a few minutes and working your way up to help clear your mind and find calm.
  2. Get outside in some capacity every day, whether that’s having lunch outdoors or taking a walk around the block.
  3. Move your body in a way that feels good to you. This could be with a workout, a bike ride with your family, a walk with a friend … whatever!
  4. Find a ritual you enjoy. Rachel’s favorite way to start the day is drinking coffee and writing in her journal, then using an ice roller on her face. “Finding something you look forward to is the biggest thing,” she says.
  5. Cook a new meal or try something new at a restaurant. Variety is the spice of life, after all.


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