5 Easy Ways to a Better Mood

A better mood means a better day! Check out these simple (and free) ways to help get out of that slump and boost your mood.

Oftentimes we can get stuck in a slump, a funk, or just not feeling our best that day, and it can feel challenging to move through it. Rather than judging the mood or feeling stuck, here are a few simple ways to boost your mood (and you can do them all right now, easily)!

Author Rachel McClusky standing in front of a wall with large green plants growing on top.
  1. Make time for one thing every day that you look forward to. Our to-do lists can quickly take over our days. Scheduling in one thing that you can look forward to is a game changer. Whether it's a workout, a walk outside, cooking dinner, or a face mask, scheduling it on your calendar the same way you would a meeting will give you something to be excited about in your day. (Some days just putting on jeans and going outside is enough!)
  2. Create small goals and celebrate the little wins. Creating longer-term goals is important, but setting smaller, bite-sized goals that you can accomplish within a week are just as important and are guaranteed to boost your mood! Write them down and give yourself a deadline. Make sure to celebrate when you complete them.
  3. Be still. Whether it's a short meditation or just pausing to take a few deep breaths, getting still and connecting to your breath will allow you to slow down and put things into perspective. Try this breathwork to start your day – or whenever you need it. There is always time for a deep breath.
  4. Throw yourself a dance party. Hear me out. Having a solo dance party at home may not be your first idea for a mood booster, but it is impossible not to smile when you put on your favorite song and dance around. I swear by a solo dance party every day for 3 minutes while your coffee is brewing, when a meeting ends early – the possibilities are endless.
  5. Write a gratitude list. Put pen to paper and wrote out 3-5 things that you're grateful for. There is nothing too small to put on this list. Writing them out when so many things are done digitally these days is also a great mindful practice.

And just like that, mood BOOSTED!


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