5 Cozy Fall Drinks

Delicious and better-for-you beverages to warm up with when the temperatures drop.

Once colder weather rears its head, you probably feel the urge to ditch your iced coffees and lattes for something warm and cozy. However, many of these delicious drinks can be heavier on the dairy and sugar, which isn’t always the best choice for a daily sipper. These simple fall drinks keep you feeling balanced and support your wellness – and they’re delicious too! 


5 Minute Vegan Golden Milk 


This turmeric-based drink has roots in Ayurveda has been used for a variety of wellness purposes for centuries. Try it with a splash of coconut milk and extra cinnamon.  


Warm Spicy Apple and Carrot Drink  


You can think of this refreshing fall beverage like a hot smoothie —which sounds weird in theory, but is incredibly delightful. Carrots also contain vitamin A . 


Hot Ginger Tea 


Sometimes you just need to curl up with a warm classic, and ginger takes the classic cup to tea to the next level. We suggest trying it with a small amount of local honey to sweeten to your specific taste.   


5 Minute Mushroom Latte  


If you’re looking for a mushroom-centric creamy drink , this is the one. Adding mushrooms to your favorite morning beverage helps brings in a more balanced flavor and a nod to traditional wellness. 


Chai Spiced Apple Cider 


Apple cider and chai really are perfect complement to one another. This drink is great for when you need a little boost of caffeine but don’t want to go full espresso, and chai always serves up the cozy vibes. 


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