15 Different Ways to Spend More Time Outside This Summer

We’re partnering with the Children & Nature Network to explore and encourage different ways for kids (and you!) to get outside this summer. 

More nature is good for everyone, especially kids. That’s the motto of our summer partner, Children & Nature Network. They believe spending time in nature makes kids happier, healthier, and more successful in school. Their entire mission revolves around creating equitable access to nature everywhere kids live, learn, and play. 

 All summer long, we’re teaming up to encourage everyone to get into the sun, grass, and dirt and experience the wonderful wildness that is nature. We’re even putting on our own Nature’s Way x Children & Nature Network Challenge (details below!) Need a little inspo for your next outdoor summer adventure? Below are fifteen fun and different ways for you to get outside and experience the outside world before the season ends. 

  1. A nature scavenger hunt. Fill it with easy (rocks!) and harder (a grasshopper!) things to find. (Psst — this is Nature’s Way’s personal challenge. We did a nature scavenger hunt at our local Fort Snelling Park. You can find ours on Instagram.) 
  2. Draw and play hopscotch! Winner gets a cold glass of lemonade.  
  3. Make a point to learn about a new bird. Pretty interesting, huh? 
  4. Teach your child how to mow the lawn. Straighter lines to follow. 
  5. Relish the simple act that is watering flowers. Show your kids how to care for a living thing and watch it grow.  
  6. Set a goal to be outside for a half hour each day for a month. Do whatever you want: read a book, walk the dog, ride your bike, whatever! 
  7. Buy a giant bubble set and see how tall you can make a bubble. 
  8. Waterslide, anyone? Visit the local water park with your friends and neighbors and pretend to be a kid again. 
  9. Make watermelon popsicles and eat them in a lawn chair on the driveway.  
  10. Watch the sunset near a body of water.  
  11. Get outside for lunch with your coworkers! Walk to a restaurant you’ve never been to and sit outside. (Don’t forget to bring the SPF!) 
  12. Pull a blanket out under the stars with a thermos of something delicious. How many constellations can you name? 
  13. Learn the different phases of the moon and make a point to notice them at night.  
  14. Take a road trip to the closest beach or park where you can hike.  
  15. Get a National Park pass for the summer and start exploring. Bring your nature scavenger hunt list.  


Want to enter our team’s get-outdoors challenge? It works like this:  

  1. Choose your challenge. There are *tons* of possibilities to get you started, like the suggestions above, and more over at the Children & Nature Network Website 
  2. Make a summer plan, take the pledge, and grab your friends, family, kids, or coworkers. 
  3. Share your experience with us on Instagram or wherever you use social media by using #VitaminNChallenge on your post. Who knows? We may feature you in one of our spotlight challenges!

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