10 Wellness Activities to Check Off Your List This Fall 

There’s still time to get outside and fulfill your fall bucket list. See you out there!

Every season brings a list of must-dos you want to experience. While spring, summer, and winter bring a lot to the table, there’s something about fall that gets you extra excited to get into the wellness spirit of the season. Maybe it’s because the combination of activities runs the gamut — there’s plenty to get excited about indoors and outdoors.  

Here’s a list of seasonal activities to check off your bucket list this fall:   

Embrace slowing down — There are still plenty of active things to do outdoors during the fall, but we like the idea of starting to embrace the slowdown, too. When you’re not chasing your kids in the yard, or doing last minute maintenance on the roof, simply enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace with a mug of coffee or doing a puzzle with the family. 

Go for an autumn bike ride or hike — Find yourself a new trail with incredible foliage for seasonal sightseeing. Why not try incorporating a fall-themed nature scavenger hunt into your excursion?  

Up your vitamin D intake — With days getting shorter, you’re now seeing less and less of the sun which means your body isn’t making as much vitamin D. We have several vitamin D supplements to help you hit your daily goals, but love the taste of these vitamin D3 gummies the best.*  

Pick up pumpkins from the pumpkin patch – It's not not a workout! Schedule a crisp afternoon for a visit to the pumpkin patch and see how heavy of a pumpkin you can lift. (Just remember to lift with your legs, not your back!) Save the lighter ones for carving. 

Hike for a fall view — It’s so rewarding. Challenge yourself to hike outside your typical spots. Take the time to research where you’ll have the best fall view. It may just be time for new fall selfie.  

Rake those leaves — Reserve a sunny, cool afternoon to rake the leaves in your yard. Maybe even tackle your neighbor’s lawn, too! Make sure to reward yourself with a hot apple cider afterward. 

Adjust your sleep schedule — Before Daylight Savings Time rolls around. We all know how hard it can be to get in and out of bed when it’s time to fall back an hour. Get ahead of schedule by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each week for a month beforehand.  

Keep hydrated – It’s common to drink less water when fall rolls around because you’re not outdoors sweating and getting thirsty on a hot summer day. Just make sure to keep your intake where it should be; there’s a reason those big water bottles and cups are so popular. 

Try a new recipe with what’s in season — Fall brings with it a longing to cook with seasonality. Head to the farmer’s market, grab what’s in season, and try out a new recipe. How about trying this beet hummus (that pink color!) or a roasted brussels sprouts recipe with balsamic vinegar and honey? 

Start a backyard football game – Even if it just turns into a laugh-out-loud game of tag, it’s a great way to bond with your family and get a little more movement in on a beautiful day. 


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